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About us

The word ekkono means cognition, and that is what we add to connected things. Ekkono makes machine learning for IoT. This enables you to learn the normal state and behavior of your connected things, which is the baseline to detect anomalies, attribute what has the biggest impact on performance, predict coming events, and even simulate what if-scenarios. This is commonly used for proactive maintenance, operational optimization, and to make your products more intuitive.

The uniqueness, and the result of 7 years of machine learning research at the University of Borås in Sweden, is the ability to do this at the edge of the network, on the actual device. The benefits are significant. You can process all the data in real-time. More sensors equals more data, and the only way to manage this flood is through a layered approach that starts by the data source. You can take instant actions. You learn and act based on the normal condition of the individual device. You radically reduce network load by not sending raw data, but rather sending relevant and curated data to the cloud for further analysis. Your connected things become autonomously smart and less dependent on the quality of the network connection.

IDC: ”By 2019, 40% of digital transformation initiatives – and 100% of IoT initiatives – will be supported by AI capabilities.”

We provide the solution for this 100%. IoT and machine learning are tightly connected. Manual supervision of billions of connected things will ruin the tremendous business prospect that IoT represents. Instead the machines have to become a little smarter. We, Ekkono, make them smart. This translates into money as you avoid unscheduled downtime, reduces the need for manual supervision, optimizes production and performance, makes customers happier, and makes better use of available network and processing resources.

Learn more about what we do and how we do it in this short video animation.



Inspiration Tour: Kick Off Your AI Journey (Inspirationsturné: Starta din AI-resa), Gothenburg, Sweden, Mar 20, 2019

Ekkono's CEO, Jon Lindén, is one of the speakers at the event "Kick Off your AI Journey" that is part of an inspirational tour organized by RI.SE, Teknikföretagen and ICT Sweden. The event is 3.30-7pm at RISE Interactive (room: LevelUp), Polstjärnegatan 14 in Gothenburg. For more information, please visit


Free Seminar: Edge Analytics – The Next Big Thing?, Borås, Sweden, Mar 26, 2019

Ekkono is hosting a free of charge seminar for developers and students on Edge Analytics. The seminar is held in Borås, at the Textile Fashion Center where Ekkono has its office, and is a one hour session. There will be opportunities to get hands-on experience of edge machine learning – and there's free pizza! Sign up at


Advanced Engineering 2019, Åbymässan, Booth A:16 (Volvo Start-Up), Gothenburg, Sweden, Mar 27-28, 2019

Come meet Ekkono in Volvo's Start-up area at the Advanced Engineering 2019 trade show at Åbymässan in Göteborg March 27-28. For more information about the show, please visit the official website.


Hannover Messe, Hannover, Germany, April 1-5, 2019

Sweden is the host country at Hannover Messe in 2019, and Ekkono is attending in multiple fashions, including exhibiting at the Swedish Pavilion.


Miljö article; "A Smarter Internet of Things Where Nodes Think Themselves" (Sw only)

Feb 11, 2019; Article about Ekkono, what we do, and how we look at making a difference. Combining technology with sustainability questions, e.g. on how Ekkono works with UN's Agenda 2030 goals.


Ekkono Nominated For Embedded World Awards! Finalist in "Startup Of The Year"; "Embedded Award 2019 – And The Nominees Are..."

Feb 8, 2019; Ekkono is selected as one of three companies for Embedded Award at Embedded World in Nürnberg Feb 26-28, in the category Startup Of The Year. "Wow, we're really excited and keep all our fingers crossed that we walk away with the award", says Jon Lindén, CEO at Ekkono. 


MobilityXlab selects Ekkono: "MobilityXlab welcomes new emerging companies"

MobilityXlab, co-owned by Volvo Cars, CEVT, Volvo Group, Ericsson, Veoneer (Autoliv) and Zenuity, has selected and invited Ekkono as one of six companies for the Fall term of 2018. "We're seeing extensive interest from the automotive industry, and MobilityXlab is a fast-path into projects with the innovation leaders of this space", says Ekkono's CEO, Jon Lindén.


Stacey On IoT Interviews Ekkono's CEO On Innovative Use Cases

IoT blogger, podcaster and influencer Stacey Higginbotham, aka Stacey On IoT, quotes Ekkono's CEO, Jon Lindén, on innovative use cases that don't capitalize on selling user data; "Data is not the new oil, but it could keep customers loyal".


Ekkono In The News – "Walerud Ventures Invests In The IoT Company Ekkono" (Di Digital)

Sweden's largest business daily wrote an article on Ekkono's new investors. Read the article here (in Swedish).


IoT (Internet of Things) holds great promises of everything getting smarter – from homes, cars, robots, and vending machines, to cities. But this requires the things to get smarter, which is done using machine learning. Smarter things is a necessity, or the great prospect of IoT will be lost in a tsunami of sensor data and business cases that are broken by the labor cost for manual supervision of this data flood.

The only way to manage this flood is through a layered approach that starts all the way out on the device, close to the data source. Ekkono applies machine learning on all your sensor data, in real-time – data that cannot be sent to the cloud due its sheer volume. An airplane generates 2.5 TB per day, an autonomous car 10 GB/mile. Not even 5G is the solution for this, which is why many IoT deployments today rely on blunt averages of historical data that are uploaded to the big data haystack. Ekkono feeds curated and relevant data to the cloud for further analysis and cross-referencing across the entire installed base. It also enables instant actions when events occur, and you can handle the data in a more delicate way by sending hash-like KPIs instead of raw data.

This is how we take IoT from connected to smart – and even autonomously smart. This means that it works even when the connection doesn't. Many connected things move around, or are in geographical or physical locations – like a forest or a basement – with challenged connectivity. Edge smarts works anyway. And it gets personal. Ekkono learns the behavior of the specific device, and provides tailored responses. Machine learning enables multiple variables to be combined into complex correlation models, which for example means that the pressure indication of a machine can still be normal, due to heat, humidity, current production rate etcetera, even though it is above the general threshold for its type of machine.

Let’s summarize the benefits of Ekkono’s approach:

  • Process all data, not hourly averages that are sent to the cloud
  • Process real-time data, which allows for instant action
  • Feed better data to the cloud for analysis
  • Get personal by learning about the specific device on which it runs
  • Reduce your network dependency by becoming autonomously smart
  • Reduce network noise and load
  • Improve the data integrity and security by sending hashed instead of raw data
  • Make better use of computing capacity
  • Most things today are just connected – Ekkono makes them smart


Ekkono has built a solution that works for all IoT deployments – both industrial and consumer IoT.

Industrial IoT (IIoT)

For industrial IoT implementations, edge analytics translates into money. Either by being one step ahead of an issue, or one step ahead of the competition:

  • Less emergencies and unscheduled maintenance reduces the cost of spares and overtime
  • Energy savings through adaptive resource usage
  • Maximum performance through tailored optimization
  • Lower communication cost due to lower bandwidth and SLA requirements
  • Better use of available processing power


Ekkono works with various industries like Energy, Telecom, Automotive, Agriculture, Healthcare and Housing Automation. The use cases are commonly within predictive maintenance and production optimization.

Consumer IoT

For consumer IoT the value proposition is more commonly an elevated user experience through intuitive human-machine interaction. As consumers today, we are more sensitive and susceptible to the overall impression of a product. Adding Ekkono makes your things self-learning about the user’s behavior, and predicts her next step. This facilitates more relevant and applicable tailored recommendations, and better communication with the end-user.

Applicable use cases are home security gateways that can process all the relevant data, learn the normal behavior for the home and its residents, and detect abnormal situations, without sending sensitive data to the cloud; E-bikes that learn the normal use of its owners to provide a smoother and more energy efficient ride; And lawnmower robots that become garden experts from spending thousands of hours hovering your lawn, optimizing cutting schedule, detecting machine issues, and becoming your smart gardener who predicts water and fertilizer needs.


Ekkono is an embedded advanced analytics engine for IoT (Internet of Things) that can execute different machine learning techniques. The unique design makes it resource efficient with an unparalleled small footprint, which enables it to run at the edge, on the actual device. Still, Ekkono does not compromise on functionality:

  • Baseline calculation
  • Anomaly detection
  • Attribution
  • Simulation of alternative scenarios
  • Predictive analytics
  • Forecasting
  • Guaranteed confidence calculations on predictions
  • Batch or streaming data


The design is platform-independent and runs in virtually any environment. It is an all-software solution with no hardware dependencies or requirements. The SDK comes with APIs, input/output of data, bindings to different programming languages, documentation, and tools that help you decorate and prepare data, select machine learning technique, optimize configurations to accommodate purpose, requirements and conditions. This means that you, with programming skills but with no prerequisite of data science knowledge, can get started, implement machine learning on your connected devices, and make them smart.

Ekkono manages the entire workflow from data input, and model training, to model execution, re-training and data output. All these functions are built in a modular fashion that enables one, some, or all of them to run at the edge, in the fog, the cloud, or anywhere in between. The choice depends on hardware configuration, purpose and conditions, like update interval, data divergence and response time. The design allows you to get started and then get better and better as you add functionality and valuable insights about your products, their use and behavior.




We are currently hiring the following positions:

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