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learning for IoT

We make connected things smart. Ekkono’s Edge Machine Learning software is embedded onboard connected devices to make them conscious, self-learning, and predictive.

The word ekkono means cognition,
and that is what we add to connected things.
Ekkono makes connected things smart.

Edge Machine Learning enables you to learn the normal state and behavior of your connected things, which is the baseline to detect anomalies, attribute what has the biggest impact on performance, predict coming events, and even simulate what if-scenarios.

Ekkono provides a highly configurable, small-footprint, platform-agnostic, embedded software library that is built for the purpose to help developers rapidly and easily deploy Edge Machine Learning.


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At the edge

The uniqueness, and the result of 7 years of machine learning research at the University of Borås in Sweden, is the ability to do incremental learning on streaming sensor data onboard the device.

The benefits are significant. You can process all the high-frequency sensor data in real-time. More sensors equals more data, and the only way to manage this flood is through a layered approach that starts by the data source. You can take instant actions. You learn and act based on the normal condition of the individual device. You radically reduce network load by not sending raw data, but rather sending relevant and enriched data to the cloud for further analysis. Your connected things become autonomously smart and less dependent on the quality of the network connection.

IDC: ”By 2019, 40% of digital transformation initiatives – and 100% of IoT initiatives – will be supported by AI capabilities.”

Ekkono is a software company. We license embedded software and the tools to make connected things smart. Machine Learning will not be used for one feature, but to make virtually all functions self-aware and predictive. This is why we empower product companies to do it yourself, using our tools. Our toolkit facilitates use cases like predictive/condition-based maintenance, self-configuring products, performance optimization, and entirely new business models. With Ekkono you can harmonize on one solution for all your edge machine learning needs.

Smart equals money

The Product

Ekkono is an embedded edge machine-learning library, purpose-built for IoT. The unique design makes it resource efficient with a small footprint. Still, Ekkono does not compromise on functionality.

Ekkono’s product is all-software and totally platform-agnostic.The core is a C++ library. The product is designed for programmers and the API offers bindings to several programming languages (e.g. C# and Python), and the option to generate C code. The SDK (software development kit) is a comprehensive toolbox to support implementation and integration. Tools that help with algorithm selection and optimization enables a programmer with limited data science experience to deploy advanced edge machine learning features.

The product supports execution of pre-trained models, as well as incremental learning at the edge, where the data pipeline is automated and built into the process. It supports a number of machine-learning techniques, including decision trees, random forest, and neural networks. Besides incremental learning, Ekkono also offers unique features such as conformal predictions, efficient techniques for anomaly and change detection, and more. This comprehensive product lets companies harmonize on one solution. Machine learning is a lifelong journey where every feature improves its capabilities. Ekkono empowers companies with a programmable tool to rapidly implement edge intelligence – yourself.


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