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#1 Capitalizing on Customer Data – Forget About It!

Open Live Webinar on Friday March 27 @2-2.30 pm (CET)

Ekkono introduce #openfika. It’s just what it sounds like – a short open, live, online fika* session, hosted by Ekkono, on hot, contemporary and relevant topics, where a 15 minutes presentation is followed by debate among the participants.

The very first topic of the #openfika is “Capitalizing on Data – Forget about it!”

IoT is all about putting sensors on things and connecting them to the cloud. Product vendors will collect data and capitalize on it, just like Google and Facebook have done so successfully. We’re sorry to break it to you, but we think you can forget about it! Why? Join our #openfika webinar to find out. Ekkono’s CEO, Jon Lindén, will share his thoughts on why most product companies will fail to capitalize on sensor data.

Join our open Webinar on Friday March 27 @2-2.30 pm (CET)

15 minutes presentation + 15 minutes discussion, debate and Q&A. At the end of the webinar we will let you decide topic for the next #openfika on Friday April 3.

Now that’s a nice way to fika your way towards the weekend!

fika* (wikipedia.org)
Swedes have fika (pronounced [ˈfîːka]), meaning “coffee break”. The tradition has spread throughout Swedish businesses around the world. Fika is a social institution in Sweden and a common practice at workplaces in Sweden. Fika may also function partially as an informal meeting between co-workers and management people, and it may even be considered impolite not to join in.