Ubiquitous AI Corporation Signs Distribution Agreement With Ekkono For Japan

Ubiquitous AI becomes distributor of Ekkono’s embedded Edge Machine Learning software to the Japanese market.

Tokyo/Varberg, August 21, 2019; Ubiquitous AI, a world leading embedded software development company headquartered in Tokyo, has signed a distributor agreement with the Swedish software company Ekkono Solutions AB. Ekkono provides embedded Edge Machine Learning, i.e. software that runs onboard connected devices to make them smart, self-learning and predictive.

“We see a great opportunity in Japan, and we have big confidence in Ubiquitous AI’s capability to address and support this market”, says Ekkono’s CEO, Jon Lindén. “We target product companies that are in the forefront of leveraging the potential of IoT (Internet of Things), and Japan, just like Sweden, has an unusually high number of successful multinationals in this category. We provide deep tech that requires a competent partner, which is what we see in Ubiquitous AI.”

Machine Learning, part of AI (artificial intelligence), is closely coupled with IoT (Internet of Things). As we connect billions of machines, vehicles and other things, it’s unreasonable that they act as dumb sensor probes where the tsunami of data is manually processed in the cloud. With Edge Machine Learning, the first level of intelligence is applied on the device to make it self-learning in order to understand complex correlations and predict what will happen, which enables performance optimization and detection of deviations and emerging faults. Among the use cases enabled are predictive maintenance, smart battery management, self-optimization, emission control, self-learning robots, and more.

Ekkono’s product, which is the result of seven years of research at the university of Borås, Sweden, is a small footprint, platform-agnostic embedded software solution that is built entirely for the purpose of running machine learning onboard constrained devices. The comprehensive solution, which supports multiple machine learning techniques and offers the complete tool-set to guide programmers in the rapid development of smart features, enables customers to harmonize on one professionally supported solution for all their Edge Machine Learning requirements.

“Edge AI is a tremendous market opportunity that according to the industry analyst Markets And Markets will grow to a global market of $1,152M by 2023 at a 26.5% CAGR. Our customers are mature users of technology, and they request these capabilities”, says Satoshi Hasegawa, President at Ubiquitous AI. “We very much look forward to developing this joint success with Ekkono in the Japanese market.”

About Ubiquitous AI

A world leader in Embedded Software development, Ubiquitous AI Corporation (TYO:3858) has been at the forefront of technological advancement with its Small, Fast and Light ethos. Every year millions of new devices containing Ubiquitous AI Corporation’s software are sold worldwide. Ubiquitous AI Corporation is also a leading software distributor, acting as a gateway to Japan for global software companies. Please visit us at www.ubiquitous-ai.com/en/.

Ekkono Solutions AB

Ekkono does machine learning for IoT (Internet of Things). The product, which is the result of 7 years of research at the University of Borås, Sweden, is a programmable embedded software that runs onboard connected devices, so called Edge Machine Learning. Ekkono addresses multiple industries and has customers like ABB, Volvo, Alfa Laval, Husqvarna and Siemens. For further information visit www.ekkono.ai, or contact Jon Lindén, CEO, at [email protected] or +46-709-576006.